Sunday, September 30, 2007


So here I was exercising and I noticed every time my right arm went up there was an acrid odor. When my left arm went up, nothing. A mystery. So I here I am kicking and boxing into mindlessness out while my brain muddles over this oddity. Suddenly, it dawns on me. I put deodorant on one side only. What? Yep! That had to be it. Now, one must ask how this happens. Well, the only answer I have is somehow in the middle of my routine, I was interrupted with a big enough 3 year old emergency that I stopped in the middle put the deodorant down and then instantly forgot side two. Yes, this is what motherhood reduced you to: A mindless workout queen who suddenly realizes, deodorant works best when applied to two sides.

On the other hand. Sewing is my currently both my love and hate in life. I made a super fun purse for my sister! It is awesome! Yet, my cute halloween outfits aren't it has me in a pout.....

Oh well, it will all work itself out. Especially the deodorant issue!

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