Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tutu Fairy Princess Story Time Apron

My sister is such a kick! She is the best story teller librarian in the whole world! If you ever are near Tualiton, Oregon take your kids to story time. You won't be disappointed. I am not say things because she is my sister either! I have been to a lot of story times, and she always surprises me with her wonderful imagination. I recently made her an Olivia Pig apron, but forgot to take pictures. It may be awhile before she gets to sending me a photo.

A couple of weeks ago, she asked me if I could put together a tutu apron for her. She was inspired by aprons seen on The Angry Chicken blog....this gal is a personal heroine of mine. She is just so incredibly talented and crafty!

Here it is: The fairy Princess Story Time Apron. Next will be the same in a smaller version!

This apron is super easy to make:

Gather 3 tp 6 layers of Tulle together. I do 3 layers at a time on my machine. It can be hand-scrunched and sewn down. Take 1 peice of fabric that is at least 1.5 times the front width of the wearer. My daughter's front is 10 inches. I want at least 18 inches. ( like even numbers.) Cut into three separate peieces, finish 3 sides. Gather and Pin unfinished side to the gathered tulle and so 1/3 inch. To make the waistband Take a 4 inch strip of fabric and cut to length plus 1 inch. So in this case, I would make a 4 x 19 inch strip. Iron in half, then open and iron on each side 1/2 inch folds. It will look like gian bias tape. Pin right side of fabric to bac of tutu and sew 1/3 inch. Fold over, pin and sew as close as possible to the front. Cut 2 3 inch ties at least 12 inches each. Again, create bias strips at least 1/4 inch, fold on eachother and sew close to the edge all the way around. You can also use pull through message. Insert the ties in the unfinished ends of the apron and sew down. That's all!

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