Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Mornings

I love Mondays. I know strange, huh. It is the start of a new week of fun and activities. It's the day I plan everything we are going to do for the week and ensure that I will get enough time to sew my creations. I never seem to have enough time to sew. Next week, the girls and I are going on vacation and I have so many projects. ALas, I just can't lock myself away, there is too much to do. So I start with Monday and work from there. Today is a field trip and errands and and afternoon of sewing. Tuesday will be the waterpark, since it appears it will be warm enough and no chance of rain. Wednesday is Library day!!!! I love the library. Thursday and Friday will be sewing and packing days. I hate to leave packing to the last minute; so instead of putting away laundry I will toss some in the suitcases. This week on the sewing list is to finish my double sided bandanas, a shirt and two overalls sets for clients.

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