Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bins and the sewing zone

I suppose as a stay at home mom having random adult thoughts throughout the day is pretty normal. Right? Since my days aren't flat and there are lots of different to do's, my thoughts usually have no like to one another. On the mom side, I was folding laundry yesterday and noted that I had an awful lot of bins. Then I started thinking about ALL the bins I had. Oh Dear, it might be a problem.

I think it must be understood first that I am not a person that spends a lot of time worrying that everything must have a place; That would be insane for a stay at home mom! However, with two small hurricanes that move through the house as mach speed, I have had to adjust my ways because I just can't handle that much mess! My Solution is bins. I love them. You put dirty laundry in and then the clean laundry. They are great for sorting clothes! One bin for each member of the family. The girls can sort their own laundry. The clothes stay contain, until we get back to them.

We have bins in virtually everyroom for toys and we have the empty toy bin that gets hauled out for really messy days! Bins are a lifesaver! Everyonce in awhile I go through the bins and re-organzie, but until I get around to it the bins hold stuff happily.

I also have bins for my sewing stash. They merrily keep my colors and seasons sorted, so I can get what I want, when I want. Although, I must admit, the my fabric likes to just hang out and be looked in plan making for future projects. THen there get to be too many plans, and l I can't handle the overflowing stash anymore and have to choose a few peices to go back into the bins.

I think the best part of bins are the bins used to store stuff. You put the bins away for a season or a holiday. When it comes around again, it's like opening a present with the joy of already having warm memories of vents or even the renewal of an old love, like your favorite sweater! I even rotate the toy bins and the girls get all excited to rediscover new toys!

Bins are Divine!

As I sat down to try to squeeze in 10 minutes of sewing yesterday, I realized that when one is in the sew zone, one should stay in the sew zone. On Sunday, I started a headband project! I ran out of time and left my remains on my sewing table. Now the problem lies in the fact that I have red thread on top and black on the bottom so my reversible head bands will be uniform with their thread. When I was in the sewing zone, it was easy to remember. When I sat back down a day later, I discovered that I was no longer in the zone. It was lost and it was very frustrating to remember red on top and black on the bottom. Of course, my three year old was in the mood for attention as well so she was crawling all over me like a monkey. I suppose sometimes, if you can't be in the zone, just leave it alone! I went back later and was able to finish several headbands. Take a look at the pictures. To see them all, check out my home page in a couple of days and they will all be there!

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