Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Creative Process

I guess I am pretty wishy washy. Originally, I thought I would write tutuorials LOL! I have found a lot of time for that so I will start with the Creative Process

I don't think of myself as super creative. I visit all these sites that have ideas I would never come up with in a million years. Up until about 5 years again, I didn't even think that I was even artistic in any way. I found out I was talking to the art teacher at my school (I used to teach English). And told her that I wasn't artisitc. She looked at me crossed eyed and said...."Yes you are" Look at all of the craft projects to do when you teach and you have the best eye for using colors when you dress." That really blew me away and started me on my creative track. Isn't it amazing how one person's words can change the way you think about yourself?

For me crafting is all about process and patterns. It is like all other arts. Writers have a process, scientists follow methods, even artists break things down to get to the larger picture. When I started thinking about how to break down the process, I found that I asked certain questions: What can I use this fabric for? Can I get Ideas from others (No reason to re-invent the wheel; I just need to make it my own). How can I mix colors? (I'd like to keep my sister in my pocket! Her color combinations are always stunning!) When looking at inspiration, I think I can do that. Then, How can I do that. I think the most difficult part of the process for me is taking the risk of having a project not turning out and then letting it go. I try to assess the value and think, this would cost as much as a new top. I will get more joy out of figuring it out than a new top. This way I don't freak if sometime doesn't work! I have learned to accept failure is as great a learning experience as success. Somethings in my head don't work! Oh well, either someone else will like it or I can give it to a good cause!

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