Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fancy Dress

I have always been a little daunted by "fancy bodices". But my little sweetheart asked so nicely for a fancy dress and I have my new sewing machine, so I figured the worse that could happen is I could swear a lot while doing it.

It was much easier to make than I thought and it took a lot more concentration than I am used to. The skirt I made from my own design. It is 5" squares linked together in 3 rows then gathered and sewn together.. I added a coordinating petty skirt for lift and twirl. Then I went out and bought a pattern for the top. Did I mention I am pattern stupid. My mantra is "hate patterns, hate patterns." The problem is I like to look the pictures and they never tell me what I need to know. SO I have learned that I have to read out loud over and over and hold the fabric and ready out loud over and over, then I finally get it! Well maybe as soon as 3 or 4 times of repeating myself.

I learned that if I make my button hole go slow and steady it makes pretty button holes and I get to watch.

I learned that having a lot of patience with myself makes a task more enjoyable.

And as always, it is not a sewing project unless one swear word comes out of my mouth, immediately followed by the ripper and me telling wouldn't be good if I didn't have to rip at least once!

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