Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Life with Venus Bowie Snugglebugs - the Hound

I think getting a dog is a lot like getting a child. They both need lots of attention and we all have to get to know each other. Initially, you might have 2nd thoughts, but you know it is a forever deal!

I admit I have had 2nd thoughts. at 18 inches to the withers (shoulders) she is bigger than I wanted and solid. She has had a couple of run ins with the girls and we have had tears. I have to remind herself if we had gotten any dog, this would be the case. These run ins have shown the girls how important it is that we teach Venus Bowie Snugglebugs good manners, so we can always love her! At first they weren't so sure that this real.

I am sure there will be lots of I never realized in this case as this is a new breed for me. I never realized what a pack really meant until Venus arrived. She has completely bonded with Hannah.
This is a photo I took when I went to check in on her at nap time. I am not a dog on the bed kind of gal. However, I am a realist and think that this is a losing battle. Hannah told me she told Venus she could snuggle with her....good think she is kennel trained! I don't know if I could handle a dog in the bed all night......just waiting to visit mine!
In a secondary manner, Venus has also bonded with the rest of us. I noticed this when she seemed very reluctant to go outside with out any of her mates. Of course, for me the answer is another dog. With Hubby that would be as easy to do as to get him to move to a new place.....not going to happen unless utterly forced! I would secretly love to adopt Venus' brother who is also at I know this is an unrealistic wish for me! Beside training two dogs at once would completey insane and disaster would occur.
Then last night, at bedtime, she refused to go to her kennel until the entire family went with her. I got the girls in the room and she went right to Jeff, sat down and looked at him until he got up and had Venus follow him to her kennel. Right in she went. You could see in her eyes that she secretly wanted to sleep with Hannah.
This big lovable pack hound, woke up, just like a kid, whined in her kennel. From the night before, I had learned it wasn't that she needed to go out, but rather, she needed to be reassured that the rest of her pack was near her. Since my pack was in bed with me, I left it and went in and stuck my finger in her kennel. She gave it a lick and went back to sleep!
Today we will try some more leash training. I guess a trait of a hound is if it benefits them, they will train. If it doesn't, they won't. This seems to be true for Venus. We have a lot of work ahead of us to show Venus that it is imperative that she get a good handle on the leash.

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