Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Losing my mind and other such things

I have gone and lost my mind! AGAIN! Those darned ingrained beliefs and such! Here I was living a nice life with two kids and a great husband. Was there anything wrong with this life? NO. But in my mind for the last two years something has been missing and I have have dilly-dallied, wish-washed over the issue as there are always pros and cons to such things. I had a discussion with Hubby and finally got him to agree to this new adventure. Then I made the plunge!

Yep! We got a dog. I am sane enough to know that a puppy would be true insanity, and found a lovable, stinky dog! Her name is Venus Bow-ie Snuggle Bugs. She is a hound mix. We found her living in a no-kill shelter. She had been waiting for a home for two years!

She is so sweet and loving and just thinks the girls are her pack mates. As she has been living in a kennel environment for so long and probably ran free for a while before that, she has a lot of manners to learn. She is smart but hard-headed. In hopes that she will be the perfect dog for us eventually. My free time is now all focused on helping her find some manners and give her some loving consistency in her life!

So the first night we sent her up into her kennel and went to bed. and her this howling sound. As a mommy who needs her sleep, I knew listening to the howl all night would not work, just to get her in the habit of being by herself. So I let her out of her kennel and she zoomed upstairs right in to Hannah's bed. She is about 40 Lbs....no small dog. So I revised my plan again and put the kennel in the girls room and the dog and the girls are thrilled to be with eachother! Next challenge: good sit-stay.....harder than I thought! LOL


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I love this dog!