Friday, March 14, 2008

So Sad Venus Bow-ie Snuggle Bugs

Yesterday, I got up determined to help this poor dog be a better dog in our home. I walked her outside in the backevery 30 minutes for almost 3 hours and never saw her pee. I did let her off her leash to let her run, so she may have gone then. I never saw it. At errand time, she refused to go in in her kennel. And when you have two kids you are trying to move in one direction in a reasonable amount of time, the last think you need is one more unreasonable thing. In kennel, now with nice sheet over it for a good den, here comes the barks and howls. During errands, we found lovely treats for her and I purchased some Sherpa Wool for a bed in the loft.

UPon arriving at home, I brought Emma in (4). I had the reasonable expectation that she would follow directions and not open the Kennel. I was wrong. Hands full of bags, turning to go into the house and out of my house shoots a 50 lb canon doggy with an agenda all of her own. I can honestly say thank goodness my neighbors all have fences or she would have been gone. Well, her nose did distract her. So here I was tracking down doggie. Once I get her collar, the battle of who is boss begins as she starts her passive aggressive lay down telling me she isn't going anywhere.

Well I got her home and had to put her back in the kennel as it was time to get Hannah now and again, she really didn't want it even with the great treats offered her. At this point, I was practicising "My Patience." My back hurts part from lugging the dog, part for other reasons. And I am exhausted from being up the night before so things are not looking good for me emotionally.

I set Venus up for a rest with the girls. Since I still haven't seen her pee, she leashed to a door, near the girls. But I have got to have a break to maintain what sanity I have left in this world. As everyone knows, Mommies need there breaks to stay good mommies!!!! In about 20 minutes my daughter comes running in and says the dog is on the lose and has broken (chewed) through the leash! Yep she did.

I round up the troops, grab a dog training book and send everyone outside. Girls are playing. Venus who hasn't had any excersize just lays down and sleeps. When just hanging outside, you would think she is the best dog. I work with her on her new harness and she seems to have better behavior on the leash! HOPE! I take her out front and she turns into this 50 lb drag. Sigh!

I am beginning to get a clue that she may take a lot more time and effort that I have, but I hate to give up hope! So with a heavy heart, I take back to the back yard along with two disappointed kids who really want to play outfront.

Don't forget in the background lurking is Dad. No my nearly perfect husband doesn't like to play what he perceives as the bad guy. He wants me to decode his behavior and come to the determination in what he is thinking. I knew Venus didn't fit his image of a dog. He thought she was ugly and too big. But he was trying to be supportive. However, he just breathes stressed out when he really, really, really doesn't like something. I feel his stress! ACK!KKKK!!!!

I started with dinner and have this dog jumping and barking to get in the back door. Hubby ismaking stinky faces and sighing. I am trying to be sane and patient. So I am grilling and going in and out. Trying to keep the dog out because she has to have some one with her on the leash because we don't trust her and I have two girls trying to come in and out and in and out. Everytime, I have to stop and let them in because now Almost Perfect Husband has left be to my own devices. Dinner is ready. Venus is off sniffing something and I am able to the the fish in without incident. I call the girls. Get Venus to sit at the door and as Hannah is walking in, Venus jumps and lunges, both paws pushing her forward.

Thank goodnees I am there in reach to grab the dog to keep the kid from falling either to her knees or face first into the table. The dog fully meant to go in before everyone with out regard. We know it wasn't her fault. She was following her want. She has never had a family and doesn't realize that there are rules and when it comes to the door. She really, really, really wants her way. This is the demise of Venus. I can tell by the look on Jeff's face as he walks away. That I now have to be the one to make the stinky decision that Venus isn't the dog for us.

Of course later in the discussion, I am told I should have read the signals that He didn't want her in the first place. And yes this is true. I should have. He fully admitted that had he been more clear we would have turned her down. My heart gets in the way of my judgment because I so like animals.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Venus, slept until 10:00 refused to get up. I think it took me a good 5 minutes to convince her to move. Some fancy, but gently lifting as well. She didn't want to go out, so I just put her in her kennel. Amazing she slept almost 13 hours with out having to go .

She went out this morning as good as can be! She ate breakfast and came up stairs and for the most part has showed potential to be a good dog for someone else who has two adults to give her love and perhaps a kid or two. I think she would be the perfect dog for an older child who wants to practice training. LOL! At least she would be a challenge.

If anyone out there in Virginia beach is looking for a big, sweet, lovable, stubborn dog with tons of potentional write to, Venus just needs a family that has LOTS of time to work with her and be patient with her. She needs to have a home with lots of patience and she will come around. Unfortuantely, my girls are too small and too young and Venus is just TOO big.

So later today, I will make the call that tells the shelter that she has to go back. Ohhh Sad, sad day!

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