Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Deed is Done

I took Venus back to her no kill shelter yesterday. Emma cried that she missed her snuggle-bug doggy and that she was a perfect dog for her.

For me it was finding the missing peices to a puzzle. The wonderful gal that runs Diamonds in the Ruff. Kennel 12-16 dogs in her house. Her heart is big for these big and mostly unwanted dogs. She desparately needs a true kennel where each individual dog has it its own running space and they can learn some training.

As it is now, the dogs all clammor at the back door and race into the house--Well no wonder Venus had no door manners and would jump and clamor and push her "pack" aside to gallop into the house!

It also explained why she had not clue on the leash! Lynda just doesn't have the time or space to work with this dogs to help them become more suitable for a family.

So with all the dogs running around, it really becomes a no-brainer as to why we saw such poor behavior from Venus.

Had she been about 6 inches smaller and 20 lbs less, we could have all figured it out.

So here is the $150.00 lessons that I learned.

Never sign a contract until you know you are keeping the dog...ask for "foster" status. If they say no, then don't get the dog.

Don't trust people when they tell you, it is best they bring the dog to you. Always insist on seeing the animal in their current living conditions; especially if they have been there for a long time.

Take the dog on a walk with a leash!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you husband or S.O. says "It's up to you." It really means, I do not like the dog. Do not get the dog. Read between the lines....I don't want to be the bad guy, here."

We we live, we learn and tomorrow we start looking for the right dog!

If you live in Hamptons roads and have a big heart for big dogs, with lots of time and patience for retraining. There is a dog just waiting for you at

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