Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fancy - a Fanciful Friend

So June 13th was the last day of school. Our elementary school has the 5th graders walk through the halls one last time with all of the other kids saying good bye. It is a sort of commencement walk. We pick up Hannah from school, so we had the non-option of watching the tearful commencement walk while we were waiting. It was an especially bittersweet walk as the Principal and vice principal were moving on to new destinations and the school will be receiving their a new principal in the first time in 12 years.

Finally, Iwas able to get the girls in the car and a dash for home to pick up the dog before we went to friends for swimming. All of a sudden my oldest bursts into tears and is so sad that she has finished school and will be getting a new teacher. She will miss Mrs. Kernodle, her kindergarten teacher so much.

In a moment's flash, my younger daughter who is four, starts crying as well. So I ask why she is crying. She says "Fancy has graduated and is moving away for ever!" (Fancy is her imaginary best friend who attends all important life events.) To be honest, I was laughing so hard, I could hardly drive. When the crying didn't calm after we were headed toward our friends house for swimming, I tried to talk emma out of her tears. She was absolutely convinced that Fancy would never come back. I drop Hannah off and ask Emma if she is going to go swimming and she tells me she can't swim without Fancy. So off we drive for 3 miles or so to grab a pizza for the kids for lunch. She is still crying about Fancy and how she is never coming back. She tells me that she has moved to California to play with California kids.

So I ask her if I can call her and ask her if she will come back. She tells me no she can't come back because she has to work in California. So I ask if I call her and ask her to live with us so she can take care of Emma as a job. Emma decides that might be okay.

Emma tells me through her tears that I can only call on the pink princess phone; which happens to be at home. So then I ask if I can call on the Magic purple Dino phone (stuffed dino that sits in the front dash.) She tells me it won't work. But after about 20 minutes of these tears, I am really desparate. So I start doing a beep, beep and ask if it is the right phone number. Emma tells me no through her sniffles. She tells me the correct numbers and magically Dino phone works and I have Fancy on the phone. I ask her very nicely to come back and be with Emma. I tell her we are going swimming and would like her to join us and live with us. Of course, Fancy agrees.

I tell Emma, Fancy will be back and to let me know when she arrives. (she knows I can't see her). Miraculously the tears are stopped and Emma is talking to Fancy about swimming

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Mr Rich said...

Rich here....

...Aimee tells me that she had an imaginary friend when she was a kid: "Caspar" (as in a hick friendly ghost). She says that you would be riding you bikes around Missoula and she would stop and make you wait for Caspar to catch up.

You just cant win, can you?