Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Golly Gee Where does time go?

Okay, so I admit, I thought it had been a few weeks since I last posted; not almost 2 month sheesh! In that time we have had a busy life!

We finally found a dog named her Goldie Fancie Pants. We have had her for about two months. She is about 17 lbs and the perfect lap dog.

Emma had a birthday and turn 4. I did it all the old fashioned way; including the Jewelry box cake.
We had 10 kids in our back yard. Hubby and I tagged teamed face painting. We grilled and had a few games. I felt so successful in that, I decided to throw Hannah a pirate party with 19 kids down at the park. I think that took up most of May.

I believe the remainder of the time has been recovering from it all! WHew! Now we have started our summer vacation and it has already been fun!

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