Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Insanity and Stress and getting arrested

The girls and I leave for a 3 week vacation tomorrow. I have been completely stressed about the whole thing and a total procrastinator. As a travelor I have learned that procrasitnating is bad. I usually have everything on a list and am packed days ahead of time so I don't stress. This year, I have a "what's the point?" attitude. With the hurricanes, they will just unpack and re-pack and I will have no clue as to what is in the suitcase. So this year, t's shorts, and the undies and that's all I am worried about.

I always try to clean the house before I leave. I have been really stressed with the tornados who follow closely behind leaving destruction where ever they go. Yesterday, I was reminded, that this is something I don't have to worry about. I live with a self proclaimed Man "B". He will do the cleaning and there will be no tornadoes to mess it up! I have them! I just need to do my areas and whoosh it is all done.

My sewing project list is a sure sign of my insanity and procrastination over this trip. I had two custom outfits on auction...both sold ..to sew... I had a repeat client request two overalls .....and I still had a new purse on my list. I have been a sewing fool. Of course, now that I don't have to clean I may get the sewing all done!

I started the purse yesterday. Now, I promised myself, I would only be using my stash, which has been growing and growing for the last year. Here in lies the problem: Most of my stash peices are less than a yard and most purse patterns take at least a yard. Hmmm now how do I make this work. I resized the pattern. Now I like to guestimate rather than do real math. The purse is smaller than I expected and I have had to do some sewing management to make everything work. Now I have to put it together. At least I will have a new purse. I think it is going to be one funky purse!

When I sew, the girls usually play. I listen to their antics and monitor what they are doing. I hear my oldest talking about finding all of these dead animals and that she has to find the killer. (Yes, I would say too much Animal Planet.) She went to the point of lining up the animals. The next thing I know I am getting arrest for the crime. Here is what I was arrested for killing two dogs, a horse, a turtle, and a Care Bear. A Care Bear????? Who could kill a Care Bear????? I pled innocent and although, i wasn't believed I was released and left to sew again. I keep thinking...a Care Bear?????/ ohhh that would be a horrible crime..heheh now there are some toys I am absolutely guilty for removing from the premises, the barbies, the load croaking frog, and the annoying Wiggles guitar. I just blame it on the gnomes. Shhhh Don't tell!

I am about 3/4 way through the Jodi Piccoult novel. I haven't read much further. I am anticipating the tragedy that will befall; while my heart prepares for the joy of a reunion. I don't know if I can handle it. Maybe I will just leave it until I get back from vacation and take something foo foo with me. Oh dear, that leaves 2 books I have pending. Hmmmmm what will I do?

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