Friday, July 27, 2007


My Three year old always makes me laugh. She has a small lisp and exchanges her "G" sounds with "D" sounds and She also gets bigger words all mixed up. She kept tell me her daddy was going to give her a patakiller and a dog. So I was thinking that she was going to get a catapillar and a dog. So when I went on an errands last night, she crawls up on daddy's lap says can we have a patakiller. Her daddy told her yes when she was done with her bath. Huh? So we I came home, she says look at me and says, "I have a patakiller" and shows me her tows all painted pink! So then I reallize Patakiller is a pedacure! What a hoot!

Okay so yesterday, I had quite a few outfits ending on auction and I get two emails. One is from a lady who wants an outfit in a 6 month size and by Monday. Huh? Do people think I work in a sweat shop and just have things hanging around. Then the next one was from a person I spoke to about a week ago. I had told her sizes couldn't be less than 12m. She emails me that she wants 6-12 and 2 18m by Monday. Again, I am really curious as to where people think Custom overalls come from. Do they magically appear? Because they have decided too late that they want an outfit and wala! there it is....Wouldn't that be a wonderful place? Hmmmm...just one of those bizarre curiousity. The ones I like best are the ones who want an outfit quickly, can't make up their mind, and then want to add special things to it. Or, they want it, then they don't reply for 2-3 more days; leaving less time for sewing. Of course, to me it is they great challeng. Can I do it? let's try. Yes, I need a specail place........hahahah Perhaps I should start charging for quirkiness! If you ever wonder why many Ebayer list exclusionary text. It is to keep the rushers and all the others away.

One of our neighbors just had a baby and I just finished perusing a sewing book and found in it bibs and burp clothes. So instead of doing work sewing, I created bibs. They are so cute! I find myself wondering if they would sell and realize, I really like making overalls. Many other items would just drive me crazy in the monotony of it all!

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