Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So my last post was on August 12th. At first it was because I was being exposed to slow internet connections. Dial-up should be banned. On the 15th we arrived In Portland ro visit my sister and we got busy! SHe is such a fun Aunty!!!!

Plus, Frankly my brain was vacation fried and my girls were always on my lap when I sat aat the computer and I just didn't get anything done! We arrived back in Va. Beach on Thursday and it has taken me 4 days to recover from the adventure of it all. All I can say is 3 weeks with two kids as a single mom is insane and I bow to all single moms who do it everyday!!!!!! I completely understand why single moms don't date! There is nothing left at the end of the day!!!!

It was nice to come home to a clean house! My hubby is the best! He always makes sure everything is picked up and laundry is done. Of course, it is because during this time, he lives his fantasy of having a perfectly picked up home where everything is always put away. Of course, up on arrival, we assured him we were home and the perfect, putwayeverything, disappeared!heheh. Ohh well, it helps him be more tolerant...that's my stance anyway. Besides I only pick up and vacuum once a day. If a tornado hits after that.....Oh well!!!! I really would have been fired as a50's wife!

With being away 3 weeks from my sewing machine, my projects piled up. I have about 8 that I need to finish in the next couple of weeks. After searching high and low, I was able to pick up fabric in Montana of all places that I needed to finish an outfit! Boy is it cute!!! This week I will be finishing twirl skirts and tops for the girls and working on Birthday Presents for my sister. Here birth month is August 15th to September 15th. Thank goodness she give a window b/c I would be in big trouble for Thursday is her birthday! YIKES! I haven't even bought the card! Granted it's her fault we were busy in Portland! hahahaha okay it was mine!

Final thoughts! Portland is a great city to take kids and fun for parents too! Tualitan, which is just out of Portland, has some really fun toddler/preschool parks. Stop by a library and pick up a local mag that has all the fun stuff to do with kids for the month!!!! The next town over, has a Hanna Andersson outlet!!!!!!!!! Fun!

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