Sunday, December 30, 2007

random blathering

After taking 2 blissful days away from life, I am back to reality! Hubby and I used our CC miles to stay in a hotel for two days. I read a book and swam in the hotel pool! LOL! I kept saying to him..."You don't under stand how nice doing nothing is!"

It was nice to return home to the girls as well! Good to know one has been missed!

Of course, I couldn't keep away from the sewing machine and started working on a fabric bowl, needle keeper, notepad and pin cushion for my aunt's Christmas present....late but that's okay. I realized, I can cut a double sided bowl (conservative, yes!) and the rest from a quarter yard piece of fabric.

I then think. "Wow! Great tutorial! What you can get from a 1/4 of a yard."

Somehow I never get to the tutorials. I think it is because I would have to stop and write them and that is time consuming and takes away from the million sewing projects I would like to do! Perhaps I can start a list of sewing and crafts one can do with 1/4 yard or less! Hmmm! Something to ponder as I move to the next project: a robe for my oldest daughter! LOL! I think she only wants one because sister got one from Santa. It will be fun to learn to sew a robe anyway! Hopefully she will use it! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the 1/4 yard list.

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