Friday, January 4, 2008

mid-life crisis?

Well, I seem to be hitting a mid-life crisis.Although, but genetice, I should have at least another 3 -5 years before I hit mid-life. I have no idea what direction my blogs are going! They seem to be floating in the wind. I think perhaps it is because I have so many interests and responsibilities as a stay at home mom, I just can't focus on one thing right now. SO instead, I will declutter.

I tore apart my craft closet yesterday and started pulling fabrics to either give away or sell. I realized, I have at least one large bins of scraps, I need to go through and down size. I think there are just so many scraps a girl can keep for "FUTURE" projects.

Once that room is finished, I will be moving to my closet. It is filled with unknown clutter. Since becoming a stay at home mom, my "professional" wardrobe" has been replaced with jeans and t's and most of it has been purged over the last 3 years during reality checks! Now, it keeps things we just don't know what to do with but still have use. I will find a place for it all!

Much of this limbo angst is also coming from the need for me to return to the work-force in August! My husband is retiring from the Navy and the unknown financial future weighs on his mind. My returning to work will ease that some. Although, it brings me sadness as I love being a stay at home mom! Okay, I love not working as well! I don't miss teaching, lessons, administrators, parents and all of that.

I hate to think I have collected all of this fabric and won't have time to do much with it once I am back at work. LOL! I am only going to teach part time, but between that and the girls, I think my poor sewing machine will start to collect dust as teaching is not an "at work" only job. For a 40 hour week, I usually worked another 20-30 hours at home. Of course, that was teaching high school students English and grading papers. I am going to move down to kindergarten so the reading essays won't be a huge issue. Nonetheless, the transition weighs heavily.

So I am cleaning and purging and starting a huge project to do list to sew myself out of a huge fabric collection. Today, one of my favorite quilt shops is having 40% all of the 100% quilt quality fabric and I really want to shop. Unfortunately, one look in the stores of fabric I have, I don't think I would buy much at all! Ohhhh that is just so sad! I could bury myself in quilt fabric! Do you shop anyway or do you just hope that you will dig yourself out of a huge sewing hole and maybe by next year, you will be able to buy new fabric???? Such a dilemma! --

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