Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life's Journey

I read so many blogs and it always appears that each person is traveling down their road with sure-footed steps. Many have spent lots of time to make their blogs pretty and divided into the different sections that affect their lives. I am happy if the chaos in my life settles enough for me to whip up some kind of comment.

This week my focus has been on re-inventing what I sew and sell. I don't know if it will be a good or bad adventure. It will be an adventure for sure. From a personal need for organization and a joy of reading, I have created notebooks that have everything I need when I sit to read. It has pens, and post its and a book mark. They joy will be going to it everynight and hopefully finding it in tact. Emma has already told me how "kool" it is and she wants one! She has even pointed out that she wants it done in jewel fabric. My Husband has confiscated one and given it to a friend and wants one for himself. So perhaps others will find they would like this in their lives as well! If not, all my friends and family will be receiving great birthday gifts this year.hahahaha

I am also going to take leap with some fabric bookmarks. I really like sewing fabric and peltex together to make things. I love the rough fiber edge of a satin stitch. Perhaps these too will find appreciative homes. If not, then I may build a house with all of them!

Hopefully, I will get a few finished in the next couple of days. Unfortunately or Fortunately, the weather isn't cooperating for sewing. It has been too nice to be inside and I have spent most of my days outside! That is a whole different joy!

This week has brought a sadness to the neighborhood. We had to say a very sad goodbye to a young Navy Seal who was killed in Iraq on Monday on a special mission. His wife and infant son live a couple of houses down the street. Her loss has swept the community and we all mourn with her!

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