Sunday, February 3, 2008

OLIVIA! We love YOU!!!!!!!

Once upon a time, Ian Falconer wrote a book. It was titled "OLIVIA". It became a hit among all girls big and small. With such a fun story, fabric makers couldn't resist and made a few designs. As a huge Olivia fan, I couldn't resist! I bought the fabric, but it sat in my stash. Bound and determined to bring it to live, I first made an apron for my dear sister....Oh sis! Where is your apron? Then I pondered and thought and thought and pondered and finally found another use for some more! I have a little left that I will let take a rest for a while, I have some ideas for it...I just will let those ideas simmer!

Emma age 4 found her self wearing a cute peasent top and ruffle skirt. The skirt, I made using my own pattern.

Hannah received a twirl skirt with lots of ruffle power, a shirt, denim jacket and matching capris.

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