Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's a Dog's Life!

There was a dog who was too big in VENUS was her Name-O - V E NU S!
Well, you know the rest of the song!

So I spent the week going to the pound and looking at dogs who have been picked up. I found a sheltie and a mutt that showed prospect. On Friday, fell in love with a little poodle but didn't sign my name on it as DH said no poodles. On Saturday, he went to the poodles cage and said, this is the dog! Of course, other people felt it was the dog for them as well! Oh Well! The Shelties is a bit of a barker, and I don't want to have to retrain for that and the mutt is an escape artist. So neither of those will work.

I told Hubby last night, if Venus was about 20 lbs less, she really would have been the perfect dog! She was so awesome with the girls and showed such interest! Oh Well!

Jeff things it should be just "that easy" to pick a dog. "yep! That's the one!" I agree, but I have such an affinity for dogs, I get caught up in the potential of it all! I think what makes it all so difficult is that going to the pound is like buying a lottery ticket. If you don't go everyday and buy a ticket your chances of getting the right numbers, or dog in this case, are close to nil.

So we will continue our journey in search for a dog in a week or so as spring break has arrived and we will be busy entertaining kids all week!

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